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International specialist contract personnel

With our partners in London UK we are able to locate specialist personnel for either one off recruitment to contract personnel on monthly or yearly assignments. Case study in Asia. We obtained a contract for our partners to supply engineers to the aircraft industry to design the N250 aircraft.

billionphotos-1151697_small500This involved supplying up to 70 international specialist aircraft design engineers from the UK and internationally. As well as writing the initial contract for the UK Company and negotiating the contract we looked after the 70 personnel while in Asia from the time of arrival to departure. The contract was initially obtained for one year and eventually lasted for 8 years. The monthly invoice was around US$ 1 million with a profitable margin.

JPTM Holdings can represent and support any type of legal company requiring a presence in Cape Town or Southern Africa.

Why pay for an international expat employee with all the associated expense of visas, housing, transport, expat salary and allowances when JPTM Holdings can supply the same together with the local knowledge and international expertise required to run a successful operation.

Contact us now to discuss any assistance required for projects either running at present, or coming up in the future.

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